#8 Not-So-Slick City Drinkers: Downtown & Belltown

Despite flagrantly breaching our personal vows to “take it easy” the night before (see the previous post or the video some stranger now owns of us tearing it up on the stage of Seamonster Lounge), Hailey and I managed to wake up relatively hangover-free, attend a Jamaican cooking class where we started drinking rum-hibiscus cocktails at 12pm, spend more money on clothes than we’re willing to admit, have another drink, meet some friends for a quick dinner, and yup, you guessed it, get some more drinks.  

Now skipping right along to the stuff that really matters.  The first drink of the night was at a place called Seattle Beer Co. near Pike Place Market.  Our pal Ian, a Seattleite as effortlessly hip as they come, just started working there so it was the perfect opportunity to pay him a visit and check yet another Seattle watering hole off the list.  As you might imagine, Seattle Beer Co provides a fantastic variety of local brews from Elysian to Redhook.  Expect the $6-$8 range.  I ordered a rich and bold Caboose Oatmeal Stout, while Hailey went with a coffee pale ale.  It’s a casual, split level place with some major PNW Summer vibes; bulb lights, rustic wooden barrels, maps of Washington hiding beneath the glass tabletops.  It’s a great place for a chill pre-dinner drink or for accidentally airdropping videos of Hailey during our cooking class to a guy named Andrew.  Oh yeah I did.  And like a smart man, he accepted.  

Let the record show that on the eve of February 11, 2017, Hailey did the big girl thing, listened to her body, did not succumb to FOMO, and went home while some friends and I continued to bar hop.  She’s been fighting off a cold, so we’re proud of her for doing the mature and responsible thing.  Pete and Allie are two more friends from study abroad who, by some miracle, also decided to make Seattle their home.  Long story short: it’s tax season and our girl Allie works for KPMG.  

We were sticking to downtown, a place that no one in the group is really familiar with.  Pete had been to a place called Suite 410 so we decided to try it out.  It’s a swanky looking place, dark, modern decor.  My favorite detail was a shelf stocked with mini liquor bottles carved out in the ceiling surrounding the chandelier.  The cocktails are good and the service was excellent.  I ordered a Hot Mango Love, spicy, fruity, and scrumptious while Allie ordered a grapefruit cosmo and Pete went with something called the Stockholm Syndrome.  

Pete decided I should actually do what it is that we say we’re gonna do on this site: ask someone for a recommendation of where to go next so I asked one of the bartenders and he suggested we hit up 2nd Ave in Belltown.  He specifically noted Shorty’s, a carnival fun-house themed dive bar.  After some $10 cocktails, $2 Rainier tallboys was music to our ears.fullsizerender

Shorty’s is supremely weird in the best way: strange dolls hanging from the ceiling, tables made of recycled pinball machines, and a whole room of fully functioning pinball machines for the ultimate sensory overload experience.  I’d say it’s a great stop for a Belltown bar crawl, plus they serve hot dogs.


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