#6 Witness, Single Shot, and Summit Pub House on the Hill

It’s Thursday and we’re already desperate for the weekend. Thirsty and longing for a good time, we drag ourselves up the hill to Witness on Broadway. It’s a beautiful and cozy Southern bar – lined with dark wood and straight-back booths. We walk in, a little disheveled and out of breath, and awkwardly sit in a booth that may or may not be open for us.


The place smells incredible and the menu has all the Southern classics you’d expect. The cocktail menu isn’t cheap ($10-12 range) but definitely creative. I order an Aperol cocktail (typical for me) and Sophia gets a warm mezcal and chai drink that’s fantastically comforting.


In the period of about 20 minutes, two different servers and a bartender grace our table. Impeccable service that us drunk girls definitely don’t deserve. One server (unfortunately we didn’t catch her name) played along with our “where should we go next game” and told us all about her favorite spots nearby. We take her advice and head to Single Shot on Summit Ave. –  just a hop, skip, and a stumble away.

The first thing we notice is how incredibly out of place we are. The place is fucking classy. It’s filled with older, extremely well-dressed couples that seem very much at home. Me, in a t-shirt and ripped jeans, felt just a tad underdressed. The interior was gorgeous – a fun mix of modern and classic. We sat down at the bar and took a look at the menu. Check it out here, it’s pretty unreal. I ordered the Defiant Panda (Tequila, Aveze, Bubbles, Lime, Scrappy’s Celery Bitters) and couldn’t recommend it enough.
single shot

We paid and sheepishly snuck out of there, praying we were seen and judged by as few people as possible. We walked a couple doors down to Summit Pub House, a bar much closer to our personas and societal rank. It’s your typical, corner dive bar with cheap tacos and a big TV above the bar.

summit pub house

The bartender was less than friendly and attentive, which is just what we were looking for. We had some nice red ales, pretended to watch some D1 college basketball, and eventually strolled back home wonderfully buzzed.

summit pub house



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