#5 A binge-worthy weekend: Saturday on the Hill


Only the coolest Seattle party girls know that the best nights on the town begin with a pile of soft rice noodles drenched in savory Thai peanut sauce.  Well, at least these cool Seattle party girls do.  (Us…I’m referring to us, we are the cool party girls).  This Saturday we transformed into adults – and then proceeded to revert back into adolescence as the night progressed – starting with a fresh mani, cute outfits, and dinner at Jamjuree where we plotted our game plan for the night.

Two mountains of noodles and some Singhas later, we made our way to stop #1: Bar Vacilando on 15th in Cap Hill, a recommendation from our friend Bailey aka Her Majesty, Queen of the Hill.  The place is uber stylish.  We’re talking faux animal pelts, an understated b+w color scheme, and and a hot older bartender who looks like the PNW version of the Trivago guy.  If you’re anything like us, Bar Vacilando is the place you go to pretend you’ve got your shit together.  And that’s exactly what we did.  I ordered the Rosemary’s Baby, a rosemary infused margarita with pineapple.  Hailey ordered the Dionysus, a fruity little concoction with vodka, aperol, peach puree, and bitters.  She loved it so much she “wanted to drink it, throw it up over ice, then drink it again.”  Her words, not mine.

img_0781As we savored our fancy drinks, we made what I’ll argue was one of our most mature decisions yet.  If we really wanted to turn up, we couldn’t do it by spending $10/drink, no matter how luxurious they might be.  We’d have to hit up the best bar in town: our apartment.  Two-maybe three-very stiff drinks later we decided to make our way to Therapy on Pike.  Initially attracted to the fact that Therapy tends to play hip-hop/R&B, we were also intrigued by its close proximity to Neighbours, a gay nightclub that does not disappoint.  We grabbed $5 wells at Therapy and decided to pay the cover to get into Neighbours (normally $8 but Hailey managed to convince the woman to let us in for $5 each).

dancer at Neighbors bar

Never in the three years I’ve know Hailey have I seen her in such a state of blissful disbelief as the moment we walked into Neighbours.  Like that scene in Elf when Buddy hears Santa is coming to Gimbels level of excitement.  She was home.  There’s a good-sized dance floor, fun music, and an “observation deck” of sorts where you can look down on all the little people.  But the crown jewel-or should I say jewels-of Neighbours are the scantily clad male dancers who are exponentially more toned and confident than you are.  Seriously, they’re on pedestals for a reason.

crew comet bar capitol hill

After leaving it all on the dance floor, we decided to meet up with some friends we saw the night before at a Pike St staple, Comet Tavern…and apparently, everyone and their mother decided to do the same thing.  We waited in line for about 15 minutes before meeting our friends inside and getting our hands on some affordable beer at the bar.  I’d say Comet is one of our favorite places as it’s relatively cheap and unassuming.  It’s a go-to recommendation for anyone who’s visiting the city.  Not to mention this Saturday they were playing some major crowd pleasers-from Ignition Remix to Stacy’s Mom.  It was the perfect way to end what started as a fairly classy evening: imbibing beer from plastic cups, butchering A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton and all in the company of friends or people who had no choice but to stand by us because there was no where else to move.

capitol hill bar


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