#4 A binge-worthy weekend: Friday in Ballard

We veni vidi vici’d the hell out of this weekend, so let us break it down:

PART ONE: It’s Friday night and we just, just, just got paid!

We began our night around 10:30pm at Shelter Lounge – a bar attached to the infamous Cedar Room dance club in Ballard. We stroll up the crowded bar and slip into next a 7-foot tall Eastern European man who buys our Rainier tall boys. We somehow are able to sneak onto a bench next to a beautiful gas fireplace and people watch a bit. Sophia noticed that everyone there looked they were there for a Tinder date – young, attractive, a little t00 dressed up, and bristling with excitement.

We had a few friends come meet us and had a good time despite the massive crowd. Drinks weren’t too expensive and the place was packed full by 11:00 or 11:30. Instead of following the Tinder crowd over to Cedar Room, we follow our friends our over to King’s Hardware – a great dive bar/restaurant on the happening Ballard Ave.

The line wasn’t too long and there was no cover charge. The place was busy, but not too hard to get to the bar. At the back of the main bar area there’s some ski ball and other fun games, and off to the right side there’s a more open table area that’s great for groups.

Bar close was looming, and I sit down across from Sophia to take a picture for the blog. I set my beer in front of her, unaware of her highly, highly intoxicated state. As soon as I lift up my phone to take a picture, she picks up my beer and chugs the whole thing like she’s in the Beer Olympics and she’s going for gold. See evidence below:








We say peace out to the crew and make it home by 2:30 like the respectable, classy ladies we are.



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