#3 Bourbon and bloody dogs in Ballard

After both having frustrating Wednesday afternoons at work, Sophia and I decided to drink after work. While this decision is nothing new, we were joined by some college friends who brought us up to Ballard. While we love Ballard, we haven’t spent too much time at the bars there. Too often we get lazy and stay around Cap Hill, but carpe this Wednesday noctem!

We waltzed into The Sexton on Ballard Ave. and were the only chicks in the place. Normally an empty bar would scare me away but it was a Wednesday and the atmosphere was incredible. As evidenced here:

the sexton bar

The Sexton is loosely Southern, with funky Victorian wallpaper, and vintage movies showing on a projector above the bar. The food and cocktails aren’t too cheap, but reasonable during happy hour. Sophia ordered the Camillia June, which was a refreshing gin, lime, and mint concoction. I ordered the Lord Grey: earl grey vodka, lemon, and other things. We took sips of our drinks, then sips of each others, and realized we preferred the other’s cocktail. And in a testament to friendship everywhere – we traded.

sexton cocktails

Given that the news of television legend Mary Tyler Moore passing came out today, the bar was offering a Mary Tyler Moore bourbon cocktail – the specialty liquor at The Sexton. The bar filled up, the service continued to be excellent, and a band set up for live music – but it was time for our exit.

We walked two blocks to Hazlewood, another beautiful and hip cocktail bar, but much cozier. The bar is rustic-chic and features an intimate loft space above the bar – perfect for a date. But us un-chic girls were not thankfully not kicked out.


The cocktail menu was crazy – split into “themes” like “blood”, “saints”, and “horses.” Besides the oddly satanic menu, the bartender was totally friendly and the cocktails were incredible. Again, not cheap, so expect around $10-12 each. Overall, great place for a date, not so great of a place to get wasted at. For once, we acted like respectable women and even made it home by bedtime.


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