#2 Boozy milkshakes and pirate’s booty on the Hill

When it’s a friday night and you want to get drunk AND fall into a sugar coma – run over to Hot Cakes for a kickass boozy milkshake. You might have to elbow a group of 6 teenage girls sharing ONE dessert out of the way to get a seat – but hey – it’s worth it.


As we sucked down the last of our melty booze, we looked around the bar for a cool-looking stranger to ask about our next move. Unfortunately we were mostly surrounded by families and judgemental teens. But we did overhear someone mention Captain Blacks – a bar basically across the street. Like the eavesdropping, easily-influenced people we are, we decide to go there without any extra information or context.


The lowdown of Captain Blacks: the ultimate place to meet your alternative friends. It’s a hip, pirate-themed bar that feels like you’re simultaneously in the hull of a pirate ship and also your best friend’s basement. The crowd was mostly early 30s, diverse, and very chill. It’s dive, dirty, and homey – comfortable except that Saving Private Ryan was playing on the TV. We basked in the red light of neon Rainier sign, just like the blood of the soldiers dying on screen. What fun! Not knowing what to order, I ask the bartender what he would recommend given my preferences. This bartender, Robert, whips me up a the freshest Tom Collins I’ve ever had. Big shoutout to Robert, who (little did we know) would also be our bartender the next night at Lo-Fi. I guess Seattle is a small world for heavy drinkers such as ourselves. Overall, not a hugely eventful night but 10/10 will go back to Hot Cakes and Captain Black’s.



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